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Happy New Year to all CAGE supporters!

After the Christmas break, we thought you’d like to know what’s happening at the start of 2021.

We now have another opportunity to let Basingstoke Council know how strongly we object to the Newlands’ warehouse development. The warehouse hub is shown as a possible feature of the COUNCIL’S VISION DOCUMENT. Just click on this link and complete survey (takes about 15-20 mins max) – by the 15th January – if you cannot meet this deadline, please still do the survey when you can. You can respond by email objection if you prefer.


(20/02162/OUT & 20/02586/FUL) These continue to be written, so please make sure you have responded to both applications.  For help see:

It is annoying to have to write twice but the developers have a strategy to get their planning applications passed and CAGE campaigners need to take action.



This old avenue of oak trees lined the road into Dummer before the M3 was built. It was hoped that the Tree Officers at Basingstoke Council would make it clear that these trees should be protected but we are to be disappointed. In their report they stated: the applicant’s tree plans are ‘acceptable and appropriate’ even though all these trees are to be demolished for the access road and car park and despite the admission by the developer’s arboricultural expert that this avenue of mature oaks is of a significant quality with a ‘high aesthetic appearance’.


This article  from The Basingstoke Gazette talks about the measurement of pollution at various sites in and around Basingstoke. The estimated 4,000 traffic movements every day at the warehouse site, will impact on the air quality in the area.  The potential increases in emissions from traffic, housing and consequent pollution from nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide and particulates should be accurately researched before any more building goes ahead. Make sure that your local councillors and MPs (Ward councillors: Diane Taylor, Stuart Frost and Hannah Golding, MPs: Kit Malthouse and Maria Miller) know about your environmental concerns.

We will be posting on Facebook and WhatsApp regularly to keep you informed. If you wish to join the A30 Distribution Hub WhatsApp please phone: 0208-638-6131

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