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Once again, we need to do everything possible to stop Newlands building warehouses on J7M3. This battle continues and CAGE is still committed to fighting the plans.  We need your support which as you know, makes a real difference.  

Consultation on Newlands’ revised plan for a new distribution hub on J7M3.

This revised plan will be on display at a public exhibition at Basingstoke Golf Club on 17th February from 2 – 7.30 pm.

Feedback on the plan can be given in person at the exhibition or people are invited to complete a questionnaire via Your feedback should be submitted by 20th February.

The online questionnaire is highly biased with closed questions designed to produce the answers Newlands wants. It is important to register negative comments as Newlands will report the numbers of positive and negative comments. You can reply negatively to all the leading questions (except the trees) and then write a comment making it clear that you have been forced to provide answers and that your submission should be counted as an objection to the whole proposal and recorded in any Statement on Community involvement (SCI) that Newlands produce.

In the comments box you could say:

  • These plans will destroy the landscape in this area.
  • The occupiers of the other 2 warehouses may well be distribution businesses using unknown numbers of vehicles.
  • Should the plans go ahead traffic in the area will increase and ‘rat runs’ will be used when there is congestion.
  • The presence of a vast complex of warehouses will destroy the vista of open countryside on the western approach to Basingstoke.


Thank you for your support and interest.

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