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latest news 29th april 2022

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LETTERS OF OBJECTION29th April is a cut-off date for these – so far 169 have been received. Please write if you haven’t already done so, here are more pointers you might like to use: 

  • BIODIVERSITY -17 trees (9 cat B, 1 cat A), 4 groups of trees, and the N/S hedge across the site could be ripped up if the plan goes ahead. (Recently it took 30+ volunteers 2 days to plant 3 K of new hedgerows)
  • FOOD SECURITY – We need to produce enough food in the UK to reduce reliance on imports from countries such as Ukraine.  Regenerative farming methods used on the Oakdown farm could improve crop yield.
  • POLLUTION – will increase from lighting and traffic generated by 3 warehouses plus emissions from gas boilers and cars in the new housing next to Junction 7 of the M3.
  • IMPACT ON LANDSCAPE – The first outline application for the Amazon warehouse site was turned down partly on landscape grounds. The overall site size of the new plan is the same with the main building being even bigger!
  • JOBS – the quality and quantity of jobs is questionable as other warehouses have had difficulty recruiting staff.
  • WATER – Building these warehouses would impact on resources such as water and sewage provision.

Thanks to ALL our supporters for your vitally important help!

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